Athens Business Referral Networking

BNI provides unmatched
business networking

In addition to unparalleled business growth, BNI members develop lasting relationships that allow them to grow personally and professionally.

BNI of Athens over 30 strong!

Join us every week at Carrabba's Italian Grill on Atlanta Hwy at 11:30. You can enjoy FREE lunch and networking with other businesses who are as dedicated as you.

Giving referrals is easy

Our business is talking with people. Everyone has problems! Now when someone has an issue you have a member who can help.

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Will joining BNI of Athens help my business?

BNI is based on founder, Dr. Ivan Misner’s concept of “Giver’s Gain. ”By joining BNI of Athens, you become part of a networking community that will work to promote your business so we all grow together. To get the most out of your membership, you should make it a priority to attend all meetings, conduct one-to-ones with your fellow members, and work to pass referrals to others in the group. Also, as soon as possible, complete your Basic Membership Training, and do your 10-minute presentation, so that you can help us understand your business better and find you qualified referrals.

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Can anyone join BNI of Athens?

BNI only allows one member per category. If you are wondering if your category is open, take a look at our Membership or contact a member of our Membership Committee. If your category is unfilled, we invite you to submit an application and begin the membership process.

What does this mean for you?

By only having one member per category you are able to close out your competition. Giving you 100% of the referrals for your category! So every member now has 30+ people marketing for them!

Welcome to BNI of Athens!

Athens our business philosophy is quite simple:

We create entrepreneurial success by increasing members’ business through a structured, positive, and professional “word of mouth” referral program; helping them develop long term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.Our Vision is to build a thriving community of professionals who believe that investing in others’ success is the path to prosperity. These professionals take ownership of the job they do and the impact they have. They are results oriented and are focused on finding opportunities for themselves and other BNI members.

Join us at Carrabba's every Wednesday at 11:30!